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Terms and Conditions

DEFINITIONS: "We" are GameBots Team, autoplay, auto, bot, or application.

CONDITIONS: To use our autoplay and bots, you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the following terms, please close the site and remove the auto from your computer.

We provide autoplay to support your game play. We are not responsible for any loss of email, facebook, password, etc. We will refuse to answer any questions regarding loss of your game account.

You agreed only to download the autoplay at our website. You will not receive the autoplay from any other users/website.

We do not attach malicious codes in the application. We do not hack our users game account. There might be false alarms indicating the autoplay potentially has viruses. You understood that the application is compiled with protection packer. These mechanisms give false alarm to antivirus engines.

In some cases, to provide remote support, users will grant permission for GameBots support agents to control their computer screen under the user supervision. The remote control is provided by third party software. These software are neutral and not harmful to users computers in any ways.

The application is designed to take some action based on your inputs. Wrong inputs can causes wrong action, such as unwanted item removal. You agreed to test these inputs and apply it properly. We are not responsible for any items loss and damages while using our autoplay.

Using the autoplay might lead to cases where Game Master blocks your account. We are not responsible for such cases. You agreed to use the autoplay as your own risks.

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